Cabinet Handles and Knobs

If you are looking to update your home in an instant then changing the handle on your cabinets can make the world of difference. Handles4doors has an extensive range of cabinet handles and knobs to suit all tastes, so whether you are looking for a traditional porcelain knob or a chrome handle, something is bound to catch your eye. It is important to take into consideration the size and height of the cupboard to decide which would be an appropriate style and design.

Traditional Cabinet Handles & Knobs


A traditional style home can mean anything from cosy country cottage with small rooms to an imposing Edwardian house with large rooms and high ceilings. No matter which category your home fits into there is invariably a cabinet handle or knob to compliment each room.

If your home is a compact cottage in the country with a rustic homely look, then bring out the best of that cosy country feel by indulging in a charming design like the heart ring pull for your cabinets. The black antique finish would fit perfectly into a traditional décor adding a touch of romance to any room.

If your home is traditional but leaning more toward grandiose elegance rather than simplistic country cottage, then there are many delicate and decorative cabinet knobs that would accentuate the stately decoration of your home.

For smaller cupboards a porcelain cupboard knob provides a traditional style and would be perfect for use in the bedroom or bathroom. They can be bought in a plain or cracked style and come in 3 different sizes.

Modern Cabinet Fittings


Traditional is not to everyone's taste; many people instead favour a more modern, minimalist approach to decorating. To compliment the bright and open interior space created by less clutter in the home, there's a wide range of modern chrome fittings for furniture. This helps reflect the contemporary finish of the room by bringing furnishings in line with the cutting-edge aesthetic.

Designs like the quadra bow handle sit closely to the cabinet door so continue the appearance of smooth clean lines. It is a fresh and modern design without compromising on practicality. The mini T-bar handles are very popular in the modern home because they are perfect for any room and are very affordable.

If you prefer your cabinets to have a knob rather than a handle there are many stylised and contemporary designs that are available. Cabinet knobs no longer have to be round, for a more modern slant there are square knobs that have an edge!

Statement Cupboard Knobs


For a quirky addition to your room then you might want a cabinet fitting that makes a bit of a statement. Handles4 doors offers some exciting designs from the subtle intrigue of the lion face furniture knob through to stunning crystal knobs, any of which would be a great addition to your cabinets. If you would like to make a statement with a classic style then the lead crystal clear knob is a traditional but bold piece.