British Made Door Handles by Turnstyle Designs

We deal with a large amount of manufacturers, and today I want to talk to you about our British Made Door Handles by Turnstyle Designs.  They are  located in beautiful Devon. Turnstyle Designs was founded by Steve Roberts in 1992.  He started in a small barn designing and producing a small range of door knobs.  A comprehensive range of British made door handles and other products are now available to view at the Turnstyle Designs showroom in Chelsea Harbour in London.

25 years later, Steve still runs the business which has now grown to become one of the foremost producers of design-led door and cabinet hardware in the world.  Turnstyle have always provided the highest level of service.  It has the enviable reputation of manufacturing the most innovative, unique and beautiful products.  These British made door handles and other products by Turnstyle Designs are supplied to some of the most prestigious private and commercial yachts and buildings around the world.

Attention to Detail

A door handle, to Turnstyle, is like a button on a coat which has to function properly as well as look really good.

Turnstyle pays attention to every little thing it does.  Even their door handles are sent out in protective cotton sleeves inside their beautiful branded boxes.  Every detail counts and every part of the business follows this ethos.

Small, Beautiful and British Made Door Handles

Turnstyle is still a small business by many standards.  This is the way Turnstyle likes it and they have not been tempted to move production to China, preferring to carry out all manufacturing processes in wonderful Devon.    They definitely know who they are and who their customers are.  They can really listen and fulfill their customers’ expectations. Contact us to find our more about our Turnstyle Design range

Other British Made Door Handles

As well as Turnstyle Designs, we also deal with a multitude of British manufacturers. One of these is Frank Allart who offers Traditional, Classic, English Countryhouse craftsmanship. Likewise, Kirkpatrick is one of our leading manufacturers of black iron door and window furniture.  Their products are handcrafted using traditional manufacturing processes with over 160 years of expertise.  These products are both exquisite in quality and strong enough to last a lifetime.  Croft is another traditionally handcrafted manufacturer whose products stand the test of time.



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