A Guide To Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are some of the most popular locks used in home security and are constructed from two main constituent parts: the lock body, which is fitted in the thickness of the door and the box keep.

What Types Of Mortice Locks Are Available?

There are two main types of mortice locks- sashlocks and deadlocks. Each operates in a different fashion. A sashlock includes a latch, which is operated with some form of key, and a bolt. These locks tend to be installed on back doors. A deadlock only has bolt. This bolt is operated using a key. The deadlock tends to be used with a nightlatch on the front door.

How Do You Measure A Mortice Lock?

There are two sizes of mortice locks: 21/2” and 3”. If you are installing a mortice lock to a door with a narrow frame, or any door for that matter, it’s very important to know what size lock you need. The size of the mortice lock refers to how far the keyhole will be from the edge of the door. You can measure the mortice locks by measuring the backset and the centre. It is also advised you measure the case width and height and the forend length and width.
  1. Backset – The backset is measured through measuring from the centre of the keyhole to the forend of the mortice lock.
  2. Centres - This will need to be measured if you are installing a sashlock that will allow the lock to be operated by a door handle. You will need to measure from the centre of the hole, where the handle spindle goes, to the centre of the keyhole.
  3. Width Of The Case – Case width is simply measuring from the edge of the case to the edge of the forend.
  4. Height Of The Case - Measure from the top left corner to the bottom left corner of the case to find the height of a mortice lock’s case.
  5. Length Of The Forend - Measure from the top right corner of the forend to the bottom right corner of the forend. This will give you the length of the Forend.
  6. Width Of The Forend – To find the width of the forend, measure from the top left corner of the forend to the top right of the forend.

Where Should Mortice Locks Be Installed?

There are a number of places where mortice locks can be installed. Sashlocks are very common on backdoors; likewise deadlocks are perfectly suited for use with front doors. You could also install a mortice lock on your bathroom or bedroom door for extra privacy. You do not have to worry about finding a mortice bathroom lock to fit your bathroom door because all of Handles4doors’ mortice bathroom locks use a 5mm spindle to fit with the 5mm square spindle available on all UK doors. We also have a variety of two lever and three lever mortice locks at Handles4Doors also have a variety of t that are ideal for internal doors such as bedroom doors, cupboard doors and so on. If you have any questions about any of the mortice locks available please feel free to contact the Handles4Doors team on 01252 786510. We’ll be more than happy to help with any enquiries.