Downton Abbey Style Knobs and Handles

Downton Abbey Style Knobs and Handles

Downton Abbey

Have you been carried along by the massive excitement of Downton Abbey! Well I have and I've already seen the new film twice and, I must say, it was as splendid, extravagant and magnificent as I thought it would be. The intricate story about the Crawley family preparing for the Royal Visit is a joy to behold. The antics of the disgruntled servants are hilarious and the many amusing and caustic remarks thrown in by Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess are legendary.

What about the costumes?

Well, they are absolutely divine of course; Wonderfully luxurious and beautiful fabrics, embellished with stunning jewels, beads and embroidery. Accessorised with splendid long, sparkling necklaces and pendants with head-dresses and hats lavishly decorated with feathers, braid and ribbons.

It got us thinking about all the period and jewel-like door knobs and cupboard knobs and handles that could give your home the same luxurious look and feel of Downton Abbey. Just like the Hafele range of Modern Life Glitter round and square knobs.

With pure Swarovski elements, the Modern Life Crystal knobs and pulls are sumptuously glamorous and opulent, just like the beautiful Downton Abbey chandeliers dazzling in the sunlight.

Hafele Modern Life Cupboard Knob

The magnificent Downton Abbey

It is a stately home I bet all of us would love to live in. If you want to re-create the Art Deco look of the 1920s and 30s in your own home, then look no further than the Heritage Brass Charleston and Broadway knobs on backplate or the Carlisle Brass Facetted Crystal knobs for that authentic Art Deco feel.

Downton Abby Charlston Door Knob

Choose striking, bold and contrasting colours for your walls and furniture, mixed with silver, black and chrome. Bold geometry and symmetrical designs showcase the Art Deco style, with decadent details like sparkling mirrors and bejewelled boxes adorning your dressing table. Add our glitzy cupboard knobs and handles to your bedroom chest to complete your extravagant and grand interior.

Carlisle Brass

We can all take a step closer to our dream home with lavish Art Deco accessories and furnishings and live the life of 'Crawley'!