How to Care for your Door and Window Furniture

Surface deposits such as dirt and dust are the main cause of corrosion in metal door furniture, particularly when combined with moisture in a damp atmosphere. In hardwearing environmental conditions, often found near the coast or industrial areas, acidic or alkaline deposits may build up and attack the surface finish. It is very important that due care is taken to maintain door furniture finishes since many finishes, especially anodised, electro-plated, polished and lacquered surfaces are damaged by incorrect cleaning.

Care of Finishes


Frequent dusting using a soft dry cloth and occasional washing with warm soapy water, followed by a light application of good quality wax polish will provide a good foundation for preserving the appearance of most finishes. Chemical sprays, cellulose based thinners and silicone based polishes should never be used. It is strongly advised that solvents, metal polishes, or cleaners containing abrasive powders or abrasive cloths and pads should not be used for cleaning lacquered or electro-plated finishes. Ironmongery fitted externally will require greater attention due to the increased exposure to atmospheric conditions.


It's vitally important to make sure that your door and window furniture is stored in clean and dry conditions, well away from abrasives, acids and other corrosive materials.

Fixings & Installation

When products are supplied with appropriate fixings and fixing instructions these should be used. Fixings should not be substituted without reference to Handles4doors as this may affect product performance. Products should be installed in accordance with manufacturers' fixing instructions and these should be retained for future reference.