How to Fit Door Hinges



Installing a door hinge is actually a fairly straightforward task and can be achieved by anyone as long as you are patient and have the right tools to hand! See below for a guide on how to install a door hinges on a new door.


Firstly it is important to decide where you would like to install the hinges. You can choose two or three hinges for a door (three must be used on fire doors) and you can install them so the door opens to the left or to the right.

Mark the spots on the doorframe where you want to install the hinges. Where they go is up to you but door hinges are normally installed 10 inches from the doorframe’s bottom and 5 inches from the top. It is important to make exactly the same measurements on the door as the frame to get the correct alignment.

Now trace the outline of the hinge onto the doorframe using a pencil and make marks for the places where you will put your screws. All the door hinges sold at Handles4Doors include screws.

No you need to make a cut-out in the doorframe so your hinge can be recessed into the frame. Then use a sharp chisel and hammer to chisel out the cut-out within the outline of the hinge. Clear away any splinters and then check that your hinge fits nicely into the cut-out.

Now screw the hinge into place, making sure that everything is level. Now you need to make a cut-out in the door and then attach it to the hinge before tightening all the screws into place. 

Please note that the reverse can be done if so desired - put the hinge on the door first and then attach it to the frame.

Job done!