Even Marks & Spencer Shop with Us!

Yes that’s right; we have recently had orders for the Marks & Spencer branches in Jordan and Lebanon. They needed to purchase ironmongery for their changing rooms and that’s where we came in. In these branches you will soon see Gainsborough Whitehall Door Knobs and some Carlisle Brass Porcelain Lever Handles on Brass Rose.

But that’s not all €“ we have current enquiries pending from an M&S in India! Clearly news travels fast. When we spoke to the gentleman in India he wanted the ironmongery to be the same as that in the UK branches. In order to do this our dedicated staff took a trip to a local M&S and did a bit of undercover work; by this I mean trying on clothes in the changing rooms to see what kind of ironmongery was being used (I’m sure a bit of shopping went on too). After gathering this information (and a few new outfits) we have put together a quote and are now awaiting a response.

Perhaps in the future we will be hearing more from M&S branches all over the world and if you’re reading this then we’d love to hear from you too!

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