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Door Locks & Latches

Picking out the most ideal door lock or latch can be difficult. This is primarily because of the necessary balance between functionality and security. Whilst it might make your home highly secure to fit every inner door with an individual lock, this would then require an enormous amount of individual keys.

Here at Handles4doors we are dedicated to helping you discover the perfect balance of security and practicality. We work to ensure that you feel completely secure in your own home, without having to sacrifice functionality.

The Perfect Door Locks And Latches

Different doors will require different types of door accessories, including varying strengths of door locks and latches. Ensuring that the type of door matches the level of security that you require for that room is the first step in picking out your door lock or latch.

We offer an extensive range of security products, featuring different designs, styles and materials. With our varied designs and finishes, you can be certain that your door lock need not merely be an ugly necessity, but it can work to add character and individuality to your cabinet and interior doors! Our range includes:

  • Insurance rated 5-lever sash locks
  • 3-lever sash locks
  • Dead Bolts
  • Dead Locks
  • Roller Bolts and Catches
  • Tubular Latches
  • Bathroom Locks

Every one of our door locks and latches is available in a range of designs, and you can be certain that you need not compromise on the functionality and beauty of your home in order to ensure a high degree of security.

Be sure to consider the door itself and its function in your household. External doors often require bulkier, heavy-duty locks in order for your household to enjoy maximum security, whilst a bathroom door might only require a lock for privacy purposes only, acting as an indicator of your presence within.

Be sure to browse our fantastic range of products, and we are always available to answer and technical questions you might have regarding the perfect door hardware for your home!

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