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Ludlow Foundries Face Fix Numeral

Face Fix Number

  • Malleable wrought iron
  • Ludlow black antique finish
  • 76mm high characters
  • Face fixing, screws supplied

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The Ludlow Foundries 76mm numeral is face fix and finished in a Ludlow Black Antique finish. Available in numbers from 0 - 9 it is the ideal cottage front door number.

76mm High Characters

The optimum size for front door numbers is 76mm, it is an adequate size to be seen from a distance, yet does not dominate the door.  Alternative sizes in common use are 60mm and 100mm, which in the appropriate circumstances are ideal sizes.  Terraced house fronting directly on to the street would possibly use a 60mm number and front doors some distance away from the road would possibly opt for the 100mm number.

Ludlow Black Antique Finish

Malleable wrought iron is by its very nature susceptible to rusting and should be cared for accordingly, it will require a regular maintenance routine which should include a light application of oil and an occasional application of clear wax.  For these vary reasons, black antique furniture is not recommended for coastal areas, although it is often used on coastal properties.

Reversible Number 6 & 9

As with many numerals, the number 6 is also the number 9, simply rotate it through 180 degrees.  Or equally the number 9 is the number 6 if you rotate it through 180 degrees.




  • Finish warranty: 5 years under normal conditions
  • Finish: Ludlow black antique
  • Material: Malleable wrought iron
  • Mechanical warranty: Lifetime
  • Packaging: Sold individually complete with fixing screws
  • Size: 76mm high characters