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Eclipse 102mm Fire Door Spring Hinges

102mm  x 76mm or 102mm Wide

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fire Tested to BSEN 1634:2001
  • Adjustable Tension
  • Companion Hinge Available

Price: £7.80 - £19.47

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Spring hinges have gained popularity in dwellings which require self-closing fire doors such as flats and multiple storey town hoses. The traditional perco type chain closer does the job, but it can only be adjusted by removing from the door. Spring hinges can be tensioned after fitting.  They can be used on fire doors up to 1/2 hour rated.

Simple Spring Tensioning

The hinge is fitted in the traditional way and only once the door is decorated do the hinges need to be tensioned. The tensioning is performed by putting a hexagon key, which is supplied, into the top of the hinge knuckle and rotating the spring. Once the desired tension is achieved a fixed pin is placed through the knuckle and into the spring barrel.

Companion Fire Door Hinges

Three hinges must be used on fire doors and in most situations the middle hinge can be an un-sprung companion hinge. If necessary the middle hinge can be a sprung hinge, which can be tensioned or left un-tensioned depending on the actual situation. The majority of installations will only need the top and bottom hinge tensioned, if in any doubt we suggest a trial door is hung before ordering any bulk quantity. Please contact customer services if you would like to order a trial set, on sale or return.  Please note the sprung hinges are sold in pairs and the companion hinges are sold individually.

Change to Building Regulations

As of 6th April 2007, it is no longer a building regulations requirement that a self closing device, such as a perco or spring hinges, be fitted to internal fire doors in dwellings.  It has become the responsibility of the occupants to ensure that fire doors are closed at night.  Closing devices are still required on flat entrance doors and garage doors leading into a dwelling.  However, these closers now have to comply with BSEN 1154, which currently means they need to be overhead door closers.

If in any doubt, please discuss the matter with your Building Control Officer before commencing any work.




  • Finish warranty: 5 Years
  • Finish: Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel or Electro Brass
  • Fixings: Fixing Screws Supplied (Pozi Drive Screws)
  • Marks of conformity: Fire tested to BSEN 1634-1:2000
  • Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Door Weight: 40Kg Uisng 3 Hinges
  • Mechanical warranty: 5 Years in Commercial Situation
  • Packaging: Sold in Pairs, both the main spring hinge and the companion hinges
  • Recommended Door Thickness: 44mm - 50mm doors
  • Size: 102mm x 76mm x 3mm or 102mm x 102mm x 3mm