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If you currently have a hole on your front door to unlock it with a key then you will require an escutcheon to cover it up and keep it looking neat and tidy. It sits on top of the hole to hide any tatty edges whilst still allowing you to operate the lock through the hole in the centre. They can also be paired with a draught excluder to prevent cold air coming through the hole.

Standard, Euro or Oval Profile Escutcheons

Escutcheons are available in different profiles; standard, euro or oval. Each of these variations is to be used with a particular mechanism.

As well as different profiles, there are also a range of styles and finishes to choose from. If modern is more your style then square chrome and nickel keyhole covers may be ideal. Or if your front door is modelling more of a traditional look then perhaps a classic round, covered, brass one would go well!

Matching Front Door Accessories

All of our suppliers offer complete ranges of front door furniture and so you can easily match all of your fittings with the finish and style of the escutcheon.

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