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External Door Furniture

Exterior doors are the gateway into the home. They can be used to reflect the personality of the house they’re attached to. For further practical and tasteful enhancements, browse our range of external door furniture today.

External Door Handles In All Finishes

Almost every finish you can think of is available amongst our range of exterior door handles at Handles4doors. For a contemporary finish, chrome or nickel door knockers, bells and letter plates are all you need to give your exterior doors a sleek, modern feel. Why not add a little bit of spice to your doors with some funky shaped door numbers?

For traditional doors, our collection of external door handles is extensive. Polished brass remains a popular finish for traditional front door furniture. Over time, polished lacquered brass may tarnish, which makes PVD (physical vapour deposition) with its 25 year guarantee, a brilliant choice for exterior doors, particularly if in an exposed situation.

This state of the art finish is perfect for use in areas of high-wear and tear, such as hotels, restaurants, retail establishments and other public buildings.

Tasteful Door Accessories

Why not add a touch of character to your front door? A Lion’s head door knocker, or a Grecian design, adds a handsome look to any door – particularly on a period property. Centre door knobs can also make your doors exude class. Choose from a number of options including Regency, octagonal or Georgian.

With door bells, cylinder pulls and many other handsome pieces of external door furniture available from Handles4doors, adding some personality to your doors is easy. Browse our range today.

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  1. Centre Door Knobs (59)
  2. Escutcheons (325)
  3. Door Bells (21)
  4. Door Cylinder Pulls (44)
  5. Door Knockers (114)
  6. Door Studs (14)
  7. Door Viewers (14)
  8. House Numbers & House Letters (336)
  9. Letter Boxes & Plates (187)
  2. -
  1. Atlantic Mediterranean (5)
  2. Atlantic Old English Radius Rose (5)
  3. Atlantic Old English Standard Rose (5)
  4. Atlantic Senza Pari (6)
  5. Atlantic Status (14)
  6. Carlisle Brass (204)
  7. Carlisle Brass Delamain (12)
  8. Carlisle Brass Designer Range (6)
  9. Carlisle Brass Ice (3)
  10. DND Hardware (8)
  11. Eclipse (1)
  12. ERA Locks (2)
  13. Eurospec (7)
  14. Eurospec CSL (2)
  15. Eurospec SteelWorx (68)
  16. More ...
  1. Aluminium (1)
  2. Antique Brass (52)
  3. Antique Bronze (1)
  4. Antique Pewter (40)
  5. Beeswax (13)
  6. Black (64)
  7. Black Antique (101)
  8. Black Nickel (5)
  9. Bronze (5)
  10. Brown (2)
  11. Distressed Silver (2)
  12. Dual Brass (2)
  13. Dual Chrome (17)
  14. Dual Nickel (5)
  15. Dual Stainless Steel (12)
  16. More ...

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