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11th October 2012 - Toilet Cubicle Locks

Toilet Cubicle Locks

If you are undertaking a washroom or toilet refurbishment project then you’ll probably require toilet cubicle locks. If you’re reading this then you’re in luck; it just so happens that we have recently added a collection of cubicle hardware to our site. Within this range we have a variety of cubicle locks to offer.

Branded Locks

The locks that we offer are from the brand called Access Hardware; this company are a family run business and were founded in 1985. Today they import a wide range of ironmongery products, including stainless steel door pull handles, stainless steel lever handles and door accessories and distribute them to trade all around Britain.

Indicator Bolts

The toilet cubicle locks that we offer are indicator bolts; these are the most common forms of cubicle locks. We also have disabled indicator bolts, which have longer handles to make them easier to grip. The indicator bolts come with the bolt and the indicator to go on the outside of the door. When the bolt is locked, the indicator will change to show that there is someone in the toilet.

Matching Keeps

To go with the cubicle locks there are also keeps available; this is the part that the lock slots into to keep the door shut. We offer both plain metal and buffer keeps; the buffer keeps have rubber on the inside where the lock will slot in.

More Cubicle Hardware

As well as toilet cubicle locks we also have a collection of other cubicle hardware, like screws, brackets, hinges and many others. To see these other components, please click here

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